Six years ago, Josh Hadfield, 10, from Frome in Somerset, began experiencing symptoms of Narcolepsy. He was eventually diagnosed with the illness which forever altered his life. He was another victim of the Pandemrix vaccine which turned out to be the worst part of having Swine Flu (ironically enough). Josh’s claim was initially denied causing an uproar from parents worldwide. The Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme is supposed to pay all victims £120k, but that’s based on severity and unfortunately, Josh was deemed “not severe enough” by the institution. Josh also suffers from Cataplexy which affects his use of muscles.

According to, Josh’s mother, Caroline Hadfield, is happy regarding the decision but remains frustrated by the long process it took to reach it.

Ms Hadfield said: “It will help secure Josh’s future. It’s just a shame we had to jump through this amount of hoops to get this far.”

She said her son was “coping” and had to have “one to two sleeps” during the school day.

“Josh has had to work incredibly hard because he misses lessons due to sleep and medical appointments,” she said.

She added he had also had a large weight gain caused by the condition and his medication.

As usual, the sum of awarded money is never enough to make up for a life altered forever. Josh’s case is another example, both overseas and domestically, of ridiculous and unsavory behavior exhibited by the powers that be presiding over these cases, often making parents and children wait years on end for any awards. The pharmaceutical industry, all the while, sitting out of harms way under the umbrella of protection and immunity.


While we are clearly happy for Josh, it is difficult to celebrate something which could have been prevented. This is yet another classic example where the vaccine is more dangerous than the actual illness it touts to protect us all from.

We wish Josh and his family all the best.

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